Book Reviews

“Being a fan of historical novels, I was pleasantly surprised with what the book had to offer. Call me impressed.”

—Stacy M. Keen, Chicago, Illinois

“The story’s plot kept me reading until the very last page. I just couldn’t put it down!”

—Thelma J. Goodwin, Houston, Texas

“I like how the book isn’t just about the romance between the two leads. The setting, suspense, and action were more than enough for me to finish reading it.”

—Lashonda E. Mayfield, Martinsville, Illinois

Trial and Triumph

About the Book

Walter and Elsie, a young couple who are about to marry, find themselves unfortunately caught in the crossfire in the Sioux uprising, which separates them. With the belief that his beloved died in the battle of New Ulm, a devastated Walter joins the Union forces and is assigned to the front lines in the battle of Gettysburg, where he gets wounded and taken as prisoner by his enemies. Unbeknownst to Walter, Elsie is alive and well and setting out to find him. Will the two lovers ever reunite?

Kevin Hoffmann

About the Author

Kevin Hoffmann was fond of visiting the New Ulm Public Library during his childhood years. During summers, he kept himself occupied by reading the books that caught his attention. He also enjoyed viewing the exhibits at the Brown County Historical Society–Museum, especially the Sioux Uprising section.


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