paying college

Paying for College

Kevin Hoffmann December 4, 2018


After graduating from high school I planned to attend college at Mankato State, which was only thirty miles from New Ulm where I had grown up. It had never occurred to me to go any other place. During that summer, I worked mowing lawns and also had a paper route in order to save up enough to pay tuition and books in the fall.  One day that summer my parents got a call from New Ulm h . . .

Sioux Battle Customs

Kevin Hoffmann November 9, 2018

One of the customs of the Sioux was to mutilate and dismember their victims, sometimes while they were yet alive. Scalps were kept as trophies, and proof of their exploits so that their chief would award them prestigious eagle feathers. The dismembering and mutilation of victims was done because of their religious beliefs, so that their victims would be at a disadvantage in the next life, when . . .


More Fishing in Canada

Kevin Hoffmann November 1, 2018

I have made several fishing trips to Canada over the years, the later ones being with my brother-in-law, Jay.  I can vividly remember being up on the Seal River on a bright sunny day, with our boat to the side of a waterfall. The water was so clear we could see right to the rocks on the bottom in ten to fifteen feet of water. On the rocks we could easily see northern pike waiting to ambush th . . .


Growing Apples

Kevin Hoffmann October 26, 2018

We have a fireside apple tree that produces lots of apples every year. The apples were almost useless because they were always full of worms.  I had tried the fruit tree sprays, but the flies and worms would still get worse every year. I also hung plastic apples with a sticky gunk on them on the tree this caught plenty of flies but the fruit was still all full of worms.

I then read about a . . .

Fishing in Canada

Fishing in Canada

Kevin Hoffmann October 18, 2018

When a friend I worked with told me I could join a group of his friends that were going up to Canada on a fishing trip, I jumped at the chance. We drove to Sioux Lookout and then rented some boats and drove almost another day by boat into the interconnected lakes. We selected a camp site on an island, reasoning that we would be safe from bears and wolves.  The island was mostly rocks and pine . . .

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