Strange way to Fish

Kevin Hoffmann January 17, 2019

Strange way to Fish

My sister’s husband was Korean, and his brother, brother’s wife and their two young boys had come to visit. They enjoyed eating fish so we decided to take them fishing one afternoon.  I had one fishing rod and reel with a bobber and hook on it. I wore my swim trunks under my jeans, just in case we would also do some swimming. I dug up some worms for bait and we were off to the lake. I baited the hook, as they watched and then cast the line out into the lake. On the first cast, the line broke and the bobber, weight, hook and bait went flying out into the lake. We could see the bobber floating out on the water but had no way to retrieve it and that would have ended our fishing for the day, because I had no other hook and bobber.  The Koreans did not speak English, so our communications was by facial expressions. They looked at me, puzzled wondering what I would do next. I smiled, stripped down to my swim trunks, and swam out to get the bobber, just like I knew what I was doing.  As I was swimming back to shore a fish bit on the hook, so when I got to shallow water, I lifted the bobber and hook with the fish on it out of the water for the Koreans to see. Their faces were full of surprise and they said something in Korean, which my brother-in-law translated for me to: “Americans sure have a strange way of fishing!”.

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