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BS. Math, Computer Science, Business. Mankato State University, 1976.

MS. Software Engineering. College of St. Thomas, 1988.


From 1976 to present, worked as software engineer over the years at:

Univac, Sperry Univac, Sperry, Unisys, Paramax, Loral, Lockheed Martin, Community Dental, Rockwell Collins, Leidos. 

Worked over the years of various projects including:

DDG993 (US Navy Destroyer), CG26 (US Navy Cruiser), CGN38 (US Navy Cruiser), CPF (Canadian Navy Frigate), Portal43 (Standard Navy Compiler/Debugger), AIP (US Navy P3-Orion surveillance aircraft), DOMS (Dental Office Management System), Church (Church Financial System), ASOC (Air Sovereignty System), T50 (Flight Trainer Demo), UH60 (Blackhawk Helicopter), CH47 (Chinook Helicopter), CH53K (King Stallion Helicopter), ERAM (En Route Air Traffic Management System). 

Used various compilers and tools over the years including:

C++, C, Motif, Ada, Delphi PASCAL, Java, Javascriipt, XML HTML, MySQL, Fortran, CMS-2, Eclipse, GIT, CVS, PCMS, Xterm, eXceed, UNIX, SOLARIS, LINUX, VMS, DOS, WINDOWS.


1981 Sperry Univac, CG-26, Outstanding Performance

1988 Unisys, Achievement Award for Excellence

1988 Unisys, Employee Suggestion Program Award

1989 Achievement Award for Excellence

2002 Special Recognition Award

2005 MS2 Special Recognition Award

2006 Lockheed Martin Spot Award

2014 Rockwell Collins, CH53K Program Award

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